miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

Lecturas propuestas por el Departamento de Inglés

1º de E.S.O.

The Borrowers
Genre: Classic Fiction
Level: Easy
Words: 200-400 Headwords
Thirteen-year-old Arietty Clock is only 20 cm tall. She and her family live under the floor of a house, where they borrow things from the humans who live above them. That's why they're called "Borrowers". Arietty is lonely, until one day she ventures into the garden and meets a human boy. The two become friends and that is when the trouble begins.

2º de E.S.O.

Canterville Ghost
TheGenre: Classic Fiction
Level: Intermediate
Words: 400-600 Headwords
The Otises are a practical American family. They don't believe in ghosts ... until they move to Canterville Chase, an old English country estate inhabited by the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville. The family is amused by Sir Simon's failed attempts to frighten them away. Only young Virginia feels sorry for the ghost and agrees to help him find peace – but at what price?

3º de E.S.O.

The Witches of Pendle
Trues stories
Stage 1 400 headwords
Witches are dangerous. They can kill you with a look, or a word. They can send their friend the Devil after you in the shape of a dog or a cat. They can make a clay picture of you, then brake it... and a few weeks later you are dead.
Today, of course, most people don't believe in witches. But in 1612 everybody was afraid of them. Young Jennet Device in Lancashire knew a lot about them because she lived with the Witches of Pendle. They were her family...

4º de E.S.O.

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet fall in love, but their two families, the Montagues and the Capulets, are enemies, and Romeo and Juliet's future together is impossible. The kind Friar Laurence tries to help them, but he doesn't succeed and their love ends in tragedy.

1º de Bachillerato.

Go, Lovely Rose and other stories

A warm summer night. The moon shines down on the quiet houses and gardens. Everyone is asleep. Everyone except the man in pyjamas and slippers, standing on the wet grass at the end of his garden, watching an wating...
In these three short stories, H. E. Bates presents ordinary people like you and me. But as we get to know them better, we see that their feelings are not at all ordinary. In fact, what happens to them -and in them- is passionate, and even extraordinary. Could this happen to you and me?

2º de Bachillerato

Great Crimes
Stage 4. 1400 headwords
It is more than forty years since the Great Train Robbery. Some of the robbers are dead, and only one -Ronnie Biggs- is still in prison. T
But there is still one thing that the police would like to know: what happened to the rest of the money that was taken? Two million pounds has never been found. Perhaps some of the robbers would like to know the answer to this question too...
Many great crimes end in a question. Who really killed President Kennedy? What happened to Shergar? Who knows the truth about Azaria Chamberlain? Not all the answers are known. Join the world's detectives and discover the love, death, hate, money and mystery held in the stories of the great crimes.